After 20 years of intensive research and development, we have successively developed and manufactured laser scanning diameter measuring instrument series, CCD diameter measuring instrument series, diffraction diameter measuring instrument series, and successfully launched laser automatic patrol detection and control system, multi-head integrated measurement and control system, flat line special measurement and control system, ellipticity measurement and control system, ultra-fine line measurement and control system. Unit, Surface Defect Detector... Our products are now comparable to the high-end of the international industry, leading the new height of laser non-destructive measurement.

Application area

Products are widely used in enameled wire (round wire, flat wire) industry, wire and cable industry, plastic pipe industry, hardware precision processing industry, hardware tool and mould testing industry, micro wire drawing industry, welding wire and welding tape industry, iron and steel metallurgy industry, artificial intelligence measurement and control industry... All industries have been praised by customers.