Measuring Principle

The laser beam from the semiconductor laser is reflected by a polygonal mirror and a plane mirror, and the beam passes through a collimating F(θ) lens. With the target object scanned, the beam is converged by a receiver lens and converted into an electron

Laser Scanning Schematic Diagram

32-bit DSP and 32 MCU microprocessor chip are used to ensure data calculation and output capabilities. The dedicated measurement algorithm and the high-precision hardware are combined to ensure data stability and accuracy after long-term use of the diameter gauge.

Modes of measurement

Single-axis measurement
Dual-axis measurement
Four-axis measurement

Types of measurement

Diameter measurement
Width & Thickness measurement
Lump & Neck flaw detection
Runout measurement
Ovality measurement

Accurate measurement

Imported high-speed micro-motor (high scanning frequency), military-grade process laser (high collimation), design and processing of the latest aspheric optical system, and optimized specific edge detection algorithm are adopted. The diameter gauge can re
Diameter & Flaw detection
Corrugation & Jag detection