About us


    AUTO MEASURE GAUGE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD is one of the leading manufacturer of non-contact     measuring, monitoring and control systems for the wire and cable industry. Company possesses 15      years industrial experience and professional R&D team. Company product Laser diameter gauge has    own intellectual property right.

    AUTO MEASURE GAUGE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD  in partnership with our customers and suppliers,       is committed to providing the most accurate, reliable and comprehensive industrial gauging,process    control and quality/production data acquisition solutions. All our efforts are dedicated to achieving       customer satisfaction by delivering the maximum return on investment to every user of our products.

    Company product Laser Diameter Gauge is suitable for cable & wire measuring and controlling; for     enamel-insulated wire, minuteness wire measuring and controlling; for various transparence and half     transparence glass pipe, glass stick measuring and controlling; and for various work piece dimension     and for QC inspection stations.

    AUTO MEASURE GAUGE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD founded branch in Eastern-China, Southern-China    (Huanan office, Shenzhen office), European Office, Southeast Asia office, International Sale office,      its convenient for all customer information check and after service .