Gauging System

LSG-3000 Integrated Laser Scanning Measurement and Control System
Distributed measurement system adaptable to different probes and cost-effective; efficient data integration processing system for real-time monitoring of outer diameter changes and for out-of-tolerance alarm output; data storage and query of historical data
  • Fine wire measurement optimization scheme
  • Real-time display of data curves
  • Measurement accuracy up to 0.5 μm
  • Small probes are easy to install and flexible
LSG-4000 Laser Scanning Runout Gauging System
Widely used for shaft and bar measurement, high precision, large stroke, precise positioning, one-key measurement, highly efficient &time-saving; high-speed highly collimated laser scanning avoids human errors of conventional mechanical contact measurement.
  • A measuring system dedicated to cutters and shafts
  • Suitable for products of different lengths
  • Highly precise measuring platform ensures accuracy of the data
  • Real-time display of outer diameter, ovality and runout
LSG-5000 Laser Scanning Ovality Measurement System
An ovality measurement system dedicated to fine wires measures the maximum, minimum and average outer diameter as well as ovality of the object under test; 360° rotary sampling ensures comprehensive and accurate data, and laser scanning realizes cross-section imaging.
  • Suitable for measuring enamelled wires, drawn fine wires, etc.
  • Accuracy of measurement: 0.1 μm
  • Easy to operate
LSG-6000 Automatic Laser Scanning Measurement and Control System
Automatic scanning inspection is labor-saving and efficient; monitoring and control of the whole production process improve product yield; the data is measured and stored in real time, and may be uploaded to the ERP system of the company; great structural strength ensures a long life.
  • Dedicated motion control components accurately control movement of the probes
  • High-resolution probes ensure accurate and reliable data
  • Special flex-resistant cables contribute to its high reliability
  • 24 h monitoring
LSG-7000 Laser Scanning Flat Wire Measurement and Control System
Measurement of width and thickness of flat wires; measurement of outer diameter of common wires; high-speed laser scanning for detection of surface lumps and particles; swing measurement for accurate capture of data in each measurement cycle; low maintenance &long service life.
  • Dedicated to the measurement of enamelled flat wires and photovoltaic welding strips
  • Special high-precision swing platform
  • Adjustable swing angle &strong positional adaptability
  • Multiple solutions to meet different needs