LSG-4000 Laser Scanning Runout Gauging System

Widely used for shaft and bar measurement, high precision, large stroke, precise positioning, one-key measurement, highly efficient &time-saving; high-speed highly collimated laser scanning avoids human errors of conventional mechanical contact measurement.

LSG-4000 Laser Scanning Runout Gauging System

LSG-4000 laser scanning runout measurement system is mainly used for measuring the data of various shafts (bars), including motor shafts, optical shafts, printer shafts, gear shafts, worm shafts, and various shafts with steps, etc. The system adopts laser transducer and makes full use of the collimation of laser so that μ-level accuracy of measurement is achieved. Supported by professional software, it can simultaneously measure outer diameter, out of roundness and runout of shafts. It is widely used by mechanical working enterprises and hardware manufacturers and can effectively avoid human errors of mechanical measurement. Featuring high accuracy and high efficiency, the system is well received among various processing enterprises.