LSG-5000 Laser Scanning Ovality Measurement System

An ovality measurement system dedicated to fine wires measures the maximum, minimum and average outer diameter as well as ovality of the object under test; 360° rotary sampling ensures comprehensive and accurate data, and laser scanning realizes cross-section imaging.

LSG-5000 Laser Scanning Ovality Measurement System

The measurement system is a high-precision system for measuring ovality of fine wires. It can measure the outer diameter and calculate the ovality without touching the target object. During work, first fix the wire under test on the rotary tooling, and then press the start button; the system starts sampling and displays on the supporting professional software the scanned sectional view, the maximum, minimum and average values, the ovality, etc. The measurement data can be stored, exported and printed. It is mainly used for measuring the roundness of transparent and opaque objects, such as copper wires, diamond wires, fiber wires, fishing lines and various precious metal wires. Featuring high resolution, minor repetitive error, stable measurement data, strong interference immunity and adaptability to various production conditions, it is an ideal testing tool for precision fine wire production.